All Stars Creatine Monohydrate Creapure® 500g

AllStars Creatine Monohydrate is made with Creapure, the purest form of creatine.



Made with Creapure

  • High-quality ingredients – made in Germany from high-purity and clean raw materials. There are no fillers, preservatives, sweeteners, flavours or dyes.
  • For all sports – Previously used by pure strength athletes, creatine is now also used in endurance sports by athletics, cyclists or team athletes.
  • Dosage: mix 5 g powder (1 dosing spoon) with 200 ml water in a shaker and drink the shake once a day over a period of 8-12 weeks. Then take a 4-week creatine break.
  • For any diet – due to its ingredients, the muscle powder is compatible with a wide range of diet plans, whether it is lowFat, ketogenic or metabolic diet.
  • Neutral in taste – the muscle building powder is easily soluble and neutral in taste. The well shaken mixture can be drunk for breakfast or before or after training.


Ingredients: Creatine monohydrate 100%.

Directions: Mix 5 g powder (1 dosing spoon = 1 serving) with 200 ml of water in a shaker. 1 serving daily, best for breakfast, before or after training. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. By taking creatine a weight gain can occur. Take creatine over a period of 8-12 weeks. Then stop the intake for 4 weeks. Then repeat creatine application. The product is not suitable for children, teenagers and pregnant women. Keep out of reach of small children. Be sure to pay attention to a balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

All Stars Creatine Monohydrate – Creapure® – 500 g Tin Creatine is one of the particularly popular active ingredients in supplements in fitness and strength sports. It is a compound of the amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine – in the muscles it is converted into creatine phosphate. From an intake of 3 g of pure creatine a day, it increases physical performance during speed strength training as part of short-term intensive physical activity (maximum loads, few repetitions with heavy weight). The most commonly used creatine supplement is creatine monohydrate, which can be used pure or in different combinations. Previously used mainly by pure strength athletes and bodybuilders, Creatine has now also been used in other high-speed sports as well as endurance sports and is used especially in muscle building phases in competition preparation by athletes, cyclists or team athletes.

Our tasteless powder is made from 100% creatine monohydrate. No other fillers, preservatives, sweets, flavours or dyes have been included. Creatine monohydrate from Creapure® is a very pure and high-quality form of creatine monohydrate – made in Germany from high-purity and clean raw materials. Intake: For one serving, 5g of the easily soluble powder (1 dosing spoon) are mixed with 200ml of water in a shaker and drunk the well shaken mixture for breakfast or before or after training. All Stars recommends taking once a day over a period of 8-12 weeks. After that, a 4-week creatine break should be taken. With the recommended dose quantity, the 500 g tin contains about 100 portions.


Over 30 years ago, we developed sports nutrition for athletes with the highest standards. One of these athletes with the highest demands was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger was not only advertising carrier but also co-owner of All Stars.


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