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All Stars Platinum Series – Raw Intensity Pre Workout Booster
What does the new Pre Workout Booster contain?
The booster contains everything a good pre workout supplement should contain. In addition to the amino acids L-citrulline and L-arginine, it contains N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, L-glycine, L-theanine and L-norvaline, as well as taurine, dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate (DMAE), caffeine, Cordyceps Sinensis, Schizandra-, Gingko Contains biloba, piper nigrum and bitter orange extract plus naringin. The powder is sweetened with a sweetener and the finished drink tastes like delicious blackberries. Each can provides 20 servings.
Information on the most important ingredients:
The amino acids in RAW INTENSITY:
L-arginine is one of the most frequently used ingredients in boosters and PWO supplements. In the body, it is a direct precursor of NO (nitrogen monoxide), which contributes to good blood circulation, thus also to a good supply of nutrients and a quick removal of harmful substances from the muscles. In the urea cycle, it can be synthesized by the body itself as an intermediate product, is one of the semi-essential (conditionally vital) amino acids (smallest protein building blocks) and is also involved in the body’s creatine production. In food, arginine is found in meat, dairy products and eggs, in numerous seeds, cereals, some vegetables and also in nuts.
L-citrulline is synthesized by humans, animals and plants themselves. The name is derived from the Latin term for watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris), as it contains high concentrations of L-citrulline. Like L-arginine, it is an intermediate product in the urea cycle and forms a precursor of L-arginine. A good supply of L-citrulline also favors safe L-arginine production and provision in the body.
Like all amino acids, Norvalin is involved in numerous metabolic processes and acts with and on enzymes. Among other things, it supports a good arginine concentration by inhibiting a certain enzyme.
L-tyrosine (with a particularly high bioavailability as N-acetyl-L-tyrosine contained in the product) is a precursor of neurotransmitters, especially dopamine and norepinephrine. It has a short-term stimulating effect and is therefore used as a component of boosters. As a classic amino acid, L-glycine is also involved in protein synthesis when building muscles. As a particularly small amino acid, glycine can be quickly incorporated into protein structures by the body and is found in collagen, for example.
Taurine, in addition to its participation in many other metabolic processes, is directly involved in protein synthesis and can have a positive effect on the immune system.
Focus Matrix in RAW INTENITY
Caffeine, the most popular stimulant, is great for mental focus and not just helpful during morning or after work training. Alertness leads to good concentration, which favors a clean execution of the exercises and thus supports the training effect. Because only those who can still perform the exercises properly in the tenth repetition can make full use of all the positive effects of the training and promote the desired muscle building.
The plant extracts: The effects of plant extracts are not that easy to understand chemically and the statements about them sometimes differ. Nevertheless, some have established themselves as supplements and are widely used. These include, among other things
Cocoa and bitter orange extracts.
They are widely used to support diets. The cocoa extract is obtained from the cocoa bean through fermentation and supports the avoidance of sweets. Bitter orange extract is made from the bitter orange and provides the alkaloid synephrine. This is used as a metabolism-stimulating agent in numerous supplements to support the definition and in slimming capsules.
Piper nigrum extract (black pepper extract) contains the alkaloid piperine. It gives the pepper its sharp, spicy taste. For supplements, it is used specifically to support diets and in fat burners, as it supports the bioavailability of various substances and their usability in the body.
Cordyceps Sinensist has been used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine for centuries and is a sought-after medicinal mushroom. It is said to have effects on the immune system and endurance, to serve general strengthening and to act as an antioxidant.
Ginkgo biloba extract is said to have a positive effect on circulation and the cardiovascular system and to contribute to good concentration.
Naringin occurs, among other things, in grapefruit and ensures its bitter taste.
DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is produced in the body’s metabolic processes and is naturally found in large quantities in fatty fish (sardines, salmon, anchovies). The organic-chemical compound is said to have a positive effect on the nervous system.
Why Raw Intensity Pre Workout Booster?
Everyone knows it – after a stressful everyday life or in the morning you need a kick to get the necessary motivation and concentration for the upcoming training session. The combination of ingredients supports focus and concentration, provides some important ingredients for training and, as an addition to normal nutrition, can provide a real boost for an effective and intensive workout. Get everything out of you and take yourself to a new level – with the new RAW Intensity Pre Workout Booster


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