Overcome Insomnia With Lifestyle Changes

Are the worries of life keeping you up at night? Do you have trouble unwinding at the end of the day, and end up staring at the ceiling for hours trying to fall asleep? If getting normal rest is troublesome for you, there is hope apart from having to pop a sleeping pill. Here are some helpful tips for overcoming insomnia with just lifestyle changes and proper sleep hygiene. Continue reading Overcome Insomnia With Lifestyle Changes

How To Choose Whey Protein Powder?

Finding a whey protein powder to suit your needs is difficult. Protein brands use different terminology for everything from the processing methods to what is written on the label. There is no standardisation, and a lot of jargon. Every company wants their protein to look highly scientific, advanced, unique and better than the other, but once you hack through the fancy words and elaborate claims, it really isn’t that complicated. Here, we’ll go through all you need to know about whey, and hopefully by the end of this guide you will know how to choose whey protein, the right way. Continue reading How To Choose Whey Protein Powder?

The Grass-Fed Milk Story

The term “Grass-fed” has become well-known and people generally know that it’s more nutritious (and expensive $$) than regular milk. The same applies to whey protein, afterall, it is a byproduct of milk. But what exactly is the difference that makes grass-fed milk seem so much more luxurious? First, we need to know the chemical composition of milk.

Continue reading The Grass-Fed Milk Story

Effective Weight Loss! 28 pounds gone in 10 weeks?

“Study: Dropped 28 Pounds in 10 Weeks!

All they did was take 150mg of this ancient extract while maintaining the same diet and exercise level – and they shed an average of 28 pounds (the placebo group shed just 3 pounds).* What kind of insane weight loss is that? Moreover, it dropped the caloric intake of rats by almost half… Continue reading Effective Weight Loss! 28 pounds gone in 10 weeks?