Healthy Origins Teavigo Green Tea Extract (94%EGCG) 150mg 60 vcaps

Teavigo® is a natural green tea extract made through a proprietary, patented production process which increases EGCG content while minimizing impurities.* Healthy Origins® Teavigo® is free of herbicides, pesticides, and caffeine.


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What Is Teavigo?

Teavigo® is manufactured at Taiyo Green Power under license of Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd., and Swiss-based DSM Nutritional Products. In 2014, the entirety of the Teavigo® EGCg business was transferred from DSM and Pharmachem to Taiyo, making Taiyo the sole, global manufacturer and marketer of Teavigo for food, beverage and dietary supplement applications.

Teavigo was developed for its potency and purity, with a minimum of 94% EGCg to maximize healthful benefits, and minimize impurities. Other green tea extracts have a much lower concentration of EGCg. Substantial documentation is available confirming the safety and efficacy of Teavigo.

Teavigo is caffeine-free, and also free of any herbicide or pesticide residue. In addition, Teavigo was self-affirmed GRAS in 2005 by a panel of qualified, independent experts. There is no bitter aftertaste associated with Teavigo, as with some other green tea extracts, and it is water soluble.

How Does It Work?

The major catechin in green tea – known as Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate, or EGCg – is the main contributor to its many health benefits. Scientists believe antioxidants protect and repair cells from damage and may provide natural benefits for heart health, weight control and oral care (teeth and breath). The powerful antioxidant properties of catechins, primarily EGCg, are widely demonstrated in animal and human research studies. In addition, studies show that the EGCg in green tea also enhances metabolism, increases fat oxidation and aids weight management. Some results have indicated that body weight and BMI were significantly decreased by consumption of EGCg.


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