Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 12 lbs


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For Muscle Building & Weight Gain Goals

SERIOUS MASS is the ultimate muscle building and weight gain formula. With 1,250 calories per 2-scoop serving and 50 grams of protein to support muscle recovery, this powder makes the ideal post-workout and between meals shake for sizing up your goals. SERIOUS MASS provides you with the tools you need to support your weight gains goals.¹

Suggested Use

Mix 2 scoops of the powder into 24 fluid ounces of cold water or milk using an electric blender. This allows to you add in fruits, peanut butter and other calorie-contributing foods. TIP: New users should start with a 1-scoop half serving. Use post-workout and/or between meals to add calories, carbs and protein to your healthy, balanced diet.

Editor’s Note:

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a popular weight-gainer because it is so cheap. We believe it is the cheapest gainer on the market.

Despite the 50 grams of protein on their label,  their serving size is 334 grams. Therefore, 50g divided by 334g is actually 15%.  15% protein is slightly better than drinking your Ovaltine or Horlicks. Cheap, but not worth the value when most of it is carbohydrates, which you can gain fats instead of muscles.

They also give you a lot of maltodextrin made from corn.  In the US, corns are mostly genetically modified (GM).  If you’re health conscious you might want to avoid that.  It also contains the artificial sweetener acesulfame potassium, safety of which is controversial. 

Moreover, there are safety concerns over milk produced from cows given growth hormones, namely rBGH and rBST.

If you would like to avoid rBGH, acesulfame potassium and genetically modified maltodextrin, you can choose White Knight Anabolic Mass


Optimum Nutrition


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