All Stars Vegan Protein 600g

All Stars Vegan Protein 600g

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All Stars Vegan Protein

Purely vegetable protein from rice, pea, hemp and almond protein – lactose-free & gluten-free!

Watch out for vegans – All Stars presents the first vegan 4-component protein from four high-quality, purely vegetable protein sources – Made in Germany!

With All Stars Vegan Protein you will find the perfect amino acid profile for your vegan or vegetarian diet. The pure plant power of rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein and almond protein has been optimized with the inulin, vitamin B12 and Vitamind D3 fiber.

Vegan Protein von All Stars

All Stars Vegan Protein at a glance 

  • 100% vegetable protein
  • Ideal for vegans
  • Combines four high-quality, vegan pro sources
  • Pea protein, hemp protein, rice protein, almond protein
  • Top amino acid profile
  • Powerful alternative to whey and milk protein
  • With fiber inulin and vitamin D3 + B12
  • Natural flavours
  • Gluten free & lactose free
  • Without soy
  • GMO free

If you are looking for a really high-quality, purely vegetable protein shake, All Stars Vegan Protein is a great addition to your diet. Whether vegan, vegetarian or as an alternative to animal protein drinks like whey or casein, thanks to the four strong protein sources, the vegan protein drink from All Stars does not have to hide from any shake.

Recommended intake:
Mix 30 g powder (1 scoop) with 300 ml water or milk alternative in a shaker.

Storage advice:
Unopened, stored cool and dry, at least until shelf life.

Ingredients (vanilla):
Pea protein isolate, inulin, rice protein concentrate, almond protein 9.4%, hemp protein, flavor, emulsifier lecithins from sunflowers, thickener xanthan, sweetener sucralose, maltodextrin, sea salt, coloring agent beta carotene, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin.

Nutritional table (vanilla)

average nutritional values per 100 g Portion*
Calorific value 1644 kJ 493 kJ
391 kcal 118 kcal
fat 8 g 2.4 g
– OF WHICH saturated fatty acids 0.4 g 0.1 g
carbohydrates 8.5 g 2.6 g
– of which sugars 1 g 0.3 g
protein 60.1 g 18 g
salt 1.3 g 0.4 g

Vitamins and minerals

average nutritional values per 100 g Portion* % NRV **
Vitamin B12 8.3 µg 2.5 µg 333.3
Vitamin D3 16.7 µg 5 µg 333.3

Amino acid profile

average nutritional values per 100 g per serving *
Alanine 3366 mg 1010 mg
Arginine 5710 mg 1713 mg
Aspartic acid 7152 mg 2146 mg
Cystine 61 mg 18 mg
Glutamic acid 10037 mg 3011 mg
Glycine 2825 mg 848 mg
Histidine 1983 mg 595 mg
Isoleucine (BCAA) 3546 mg 1064 mg
Leucine (NCAA) 5710 mg 1713 mg
Lysine 4628 mg 1388 mg
Methionine 902 mg 271 mg
Phenylalanine 3245 mg 974 mg
Proline 3306 mg 992 mg
Serine 3666 mg 1100 mg
Threonine 2825 mg 848 mg
Tryptophan 721 mg 216 mg
Tyrosine 2644 mg 793 mg
Valine (BCAA) 3786 mg 1136 mg
Glutamine 2584 mg 775 mg
Cysteine 841 mg 252 mg

* Portion = 30g powder in 300ml water
**% NRV = nutrient reference values

Allergy note:
Contains: nuts and products. May contain traces of egg protein.

Net content:
600g powder = 20 servings of 30g powder.

We recommend a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements do not serve as a meal replacement, but only as a supplement to the food when needed. Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers. The daily consumption amount must not be exceeded.


All Stars

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