Jarrow Ashwagandha 300mg, 120vcaps

Jarrow Ashwagandha 300mg, 120vcaps

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Sensoril Ashwagandha is a patented Ashwangandha extract obtained from roots and leaves and is standardized to contain a minimum of 8% withanolide glycosides, a minimum of 32% oligosaccharides and a maximum of 2% withaferin A. Ashwagandha has been used in the Indian tradition of Ayurveda to improve musculoskeletal function and as a tonic to improve overall health. Experimental studies demonstrate that Ashwagandha is an antioxidant that supports joint mobility and resistance to fatigue.

Classified as an adaptogen, ashwagandha can help your body manage stress. It can boost brain function, improve insulin sensitivity, lowers cortisol, and help fight anxiety and depression.



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