R1 Pre Train 2.0 PreWorkout 390g (25 servings)


R1 Pre Train 2.0 PreWorkout 390g (25 servings)

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Pre-Train Preworkout by R1. Made in USA by the original owner of Optimum Nutrition. They really know how to make good supplements. One serving of Pre-Train gives you 3g citrulline, 2.4g beta-alanine, 1g taurine, 600mg N-acetyl-Tyrosine, 400mg agmatine sulfate and 200mg plus of caffeine.  

We know it is not the strongest preworkout on the market.  Look to All Stars Raw Intensity and White Knight Muscle Pump if you want the strongest. But there are a lot of customers who want a moderately strong product.  This is it. 

Rule One prides itself on its full transparency labels:

  • Formula Transparency
  • ZERO Banned Substances
  • ZERO Fillers
  • ZERO Creatine
  • ZERO Added Sugar


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