(White Knight Egg Amino 3000 50% BCAA, 250 caps)

(White Knight Egg Amino 3000 50% BCAA, 250 caps)

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One single product that benefits your muscles, skin, nails and hair!

Made in Spain

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. The cells of your muscles, hair, skin and even your organs are made up of amino acids.  They need replenishments of amino acids every day. Everyone can benefit from a daily intake of Egg Amino. Even those who wants only better looking skin and hair. But it is especially important for recovering patients and post-exercise athletes. Egg Amino contains concentrated amino acids derived from pure egg white, plus free form branched chain amino acids. It is the most potent anti-catabolic amino acid formula o­n the market today.
(Branched Chain Amino Acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine. Exercise depletes a lot of branched chain amino acids. The body loves to burn amino acids for energy (even if there is enough carbohydrates). If there is not enough BCAAs in the blood supply, the remaining amino acids cannot be used at all. Then the body will break down muscles and turn them into amino acids, to be used as energy.)


White Knight

White Knight is the house brand of Good Life Nutrition House. It was created back in 1995. After ten years in business, the owners of Good Life Nutrition House had seen enough of the poor quality of supplements, especially protein powders in the industry that they decided to create their own brand. Ever since then Good Life has been able to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing procedures in all White Knight products. In the initial years, all our products were contract manufactured in the U.S. However, ever since the owners knew about the issues of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and other issues being omnipresent in U.S. products, they moved all manufacturing to Europe. The product labels must declare the existence of GMO if present, whereas in the US there is no need to declare.

All White Knight products are manufactured in Europe and are based on solid studies. Our goal is to provide top quality products at an affordable price.

We do not venture into anything too new. We refuse to use ingredients suspicious of causing harm. These include aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, carrageenan, and GMOs.

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