White Knight High Protein Weight Gain 1.4 kg

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White Knight Weight Gain is a milk-free formula. It does not contain lactose.  One serving contains 30 grams of protein to help you grow lean bodyweight.  It provides enough carbohydrates for your daily energy requirement.  

Drinking two servings a day will help you pack on lean bodyweight fast.  If you would like to have quicker results, you can drink more.  Find out why you need to gain bodyweight and how to gain it here.

White Knight Weight Gain contains all natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners!  This product is suitable for anyone aged 1 and above who wants to gain bodyweight.  If you are lifting weights and want to increase muscle mass quickly, you might want to use White Knight Anabolic Mass instead, which contains whey protein isolate and creatine monohydrate.

This product and other White Knight products do not contain artificial sweeteners aspartame and sucralose , which are very bad for your health.  





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