Healthy Origins 甲基葉酸 (Quatrefolic) 800微克, 120素食膠囊


Healthy Origins 甲基葉酸概述

Healthy Origins 甲基葉酸 (使用 Quatrefolic®) 是一種更穩定、更俱生物利用度和更易溶的葉酸。 傳統的葉酸補充劑沒有生物活性,需要轉化為具有代謝活性的 5-甲基四氫葉酸 (5-MTHF) 形式。 這種轉化是通過體內的多步驟過程完成的,其中亞甲基四氫葉酸還原酶 (MTHFR) 起著關鍵作用。 一些個體,由於其獨特的遺傳模式和表達,具有這種酶的多態形式,不能產生足夠或有效的 MTHFR。 MTHFR 酶生產不足或無效使得葉酸很難轉化為活性 5-MTHF。 *

儲存在陰涼,乾燥的地方。 放在兒童接觸不到的地方

Quatrefolic 和其四葉草標誌是 Gnosis S.p.A 的註冊商標

*這些聲明未經美國食品和藥物管理局評估。 本產品不用於診斷、治療、治癒或預防任何疾病。


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Healthy Origins


其他成分 植物膠囊(纖維素、水)、微晶纖維素。
過敏聲明 不含小麥、麩質、大豆、牛奶、雞蛋、魚、貝類、花生或堅果衍生成份。
建議使用方式 作為成人膳食補充劑,每天服用一(1)粒素食膠囊,最好隨餐服用,或遵醫囑。



What is Methyl Folate used for?

Methyl Folate is used to replenish Folate levels which when depleted can cause certain types of anaemia. It is especially important during pregnancy when folate demand increases (prevents neural tube defects).

Is Methyl Folate the same as Folic Acid?

Yes and No. Folic Acid is a synthetic form of Folate that needs to be converted to a more active form while Methyl Folate is the more natural and biologically active form that your body can utilize easier. People with the MTHFR gene mutation will lead to accumulation of unmetabolized folic acid and can lead to toxicity.

How much Methyl Folate should I take?

Typical dose range for Folate is around 400mcg to 5mg, depending on your condition. For example, in pregnancy, 400mcg daily is recommended but for someone who is on methotrexate, you'll need around 5mg once a week. Everyone is different and unless you're using it for general health, you should double check with a health professional.

Who should take Methyl Folate?

Pregnant women and people with low folate levels such as people on certain medications, on a low vegetable/fruit diet, chugging alcohol all day should consider Methyl Folate.



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