Healthy Origins 碧蘿芷 150毫克,30粒素食膠囊


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Healthy Origins 碧蘿芷概述

碧蘿芷®是一種天然提取物,源自生長在法國西南部海岸的海洋松樹的樹皮。 這特殊的松樹皮提取物含有原花青素、生物類黃酮和酚酸的獨特組合,可為身體提供廣泛的支持。 碧容芷有助支持關節健康、皮膚健康、循環系統健康和眼睛健康。

過去 40 年來,碧蘿芷已成為超過 135 項臨床研究和 300 篇科學論文的主題,使其成為世界上臨床研究最多的成分之一。

碧蘿芷是賀發研究有限公司的註冊商標。 本產品的使用可能受到一項或多項美國和/或外國專利的保護。


非基因改造。 第三方測試。 適合素食者。

碧容芷是從僅生長於法國西南部 Les Landes de Gascogne 森林的松樹皮中提取的。

注意:如果您懷孕、哺乳、服用藥物或有健康問題,請在使用前諮詢醫生。 放在兒童接觸不到的地方。

*這些聲明未經美國食品和藥物管理局評估。 本產品不用於診斷、治療、治癒或預防任何疾病。


Healthy Origins


其他成分 微晶纖維素、素食膠囊(纖維素、水)、棕櫚酸鈣。
過敏聲明 不用小麥,麩質,大豆,牛奶,雞蛋,魚,貝類,花生或堅果衍生成分製造。
建議使用方式 作為成人膳食補充劑,每天服用一(1)粒素食膠囊,最好隨餐服用,或遵醫囑。



What is Pycnogenol?

Pycnogenol is a registered trademark of a natural plant extract originating from the bark of the maritime pine that grows along the coast of southwest France and is found to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and phenolic acids, which offer extensive natural health benefits.

What is Pycnogenol used for?

Pycnogenol is used for many conditions involving cardiovascular, joint, skin, eye, diabetes, respiratory, brain, oral and women's health. For a full list you can visit their official website

How much Pycnogenol should I take?

Generally speaking doses come in 30mg to 150mg. However due to the many uses of Pycnogenol the doses required varies quite significantly. Therefor it is best to check with a professional or look for previous research studies to see what doses were used. Generally speaking if taking the 30mg strength you may need to take it twice a day while only taking once a day for the 150mg strength. Again this will depend on the indication. However there are very little side effects if any, so you can go for a higher dose if you wish to use it for multiple conditions.

When should I take Pycnogenol?

It is best to take Pycnogenol with meals as this can minimize its astringent taste.

Is Pycnogenol Safe? What are the side effects?

Pycnogenol® is one of the most researched food supplements and has passed extensive safety tests. Toxicity test results demonstrate that Pycnogenol® is safe, even at high doses for long periods of time. To date, no serious adverse side effects are observed or reported in clinical trials. Mild side effects as gastro-intestinal discomfort, headache, nausea and dizziness were seldom reported. Because of its astringent taste, which occasionally causes minor stomach discomfort, it is best to take Pycnogenol® with or after meals.
Pycnogenol® is certified kosher, halal and is "self-affirmed" GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).



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