Healthy Origins Teavigo 綠茶提取物(94%EGCG)150毫克60粒

Teavigo®是一種天然綠茶提取物,通過專利生產工藝製成,可增加EGCG含量,同時最大限度地減少雜質Healthy Origins® Teavigo®不含除草劑、殺蟲劑和咖啡因。


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Healthy Origins Teavigo 綠茶提取物概述

Healthy Origins Teavigo 綠茶提取物是一種通過專利生產,含大量EGCG,少雜質的天然綠茶提取物。Healthy Origins Teavigo 綠茶提取物不含除草劑、殺蟲劑和咖啡因。


非基因改造。 第三方測試。 適合素食者。


存放在陰涼乾燥處。 放在兒童接觸不到的地方。

*這些聲明未經美國食品和藥物管理局評估。 本產品不用於診斷、治療、治癒或預防任何疾病。


Healthy Origins


其他成分 素食膠囊(羥丙基甲基纖維素,水),微晶纖維素,植物硬脂酸鎂。
過敏聲明 不用小麥,麩質,大豆,牛奶,雞蛋,魚,貝類,花生或堅果衍生成分製造。
建議使用方式 作為成人膳食補充劑,每日兩(2)次,每次一(1)粒素食膠囊,隨餐服用,或遵醫囑。



What is Teavigo?

Teavigo is a brand of Green Tea Extract that was developed for its potency and purity, with a minimum of 94% EGCG. Other green tea extracts have a much lower concentration of EGCG at around 45%. Teavigo is free of caffeine and any herbicide or pesticide residue. In addition, Teavigo has no bitter aftertaste and is much more water soluble than typical green tea extracts.

What is Teavigo used for?

Green Tea Extract contains EGCG, the main catechin that's most renowned for Green Tea's health benefits. This antioxidant is responsible for its use in weight loss, cardiovascular health, oral health, brain health, immune health and much more.

How much Teavigo should I take?

Doses vary a lot when it comes to Green Tea Extract. Typical doses for Green Tea Extract is around 500mg per day or 300mg of EGCG per day. With that being said, the general intake for Teavigo is 150mg-300mg per day (taken once or twice daily) as it has a better solubility than normal Green Tea Extract powders.

When should I take Teavigo?

You can take Teavigo any time of day regardless of food. However, if it causes stomach upset, take with food.

What are the side effects of Teavigo?

Teavigo is very well tolerated. You may experience stomach upset, dizziness and nausea but it is uncommon. Higher doses of EGCG may cause liver damage (at 800mg per day of EGCG) and should be taken at moderate amounts.



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