MRM Nutrition MSM 甲基磺酰甲烷 1000毫克 120素食膠囊

MSM 已被用於關節健康、過敏性鼻炎、壓力損傷等。 每天高達 4000 毫克劑量無毒且安全。 正常劑量在 300 毫克到 1500 毫克之間,但每天 750 毫克或以上似乎有效。 最佳效果需要服用至少4-6 週,可空腹或跟食物一起吃。


MRM Nutrition MSM 甲基磺酰甲烷概述

  • 關節健康
  • 膳食補充劑
  • 無麩質
  • 素食者認證
  • 非基因改造項目驗證
  • 支持關節和結締組織
  • 支持健康的頭髮、皮膚和指甲
  • 高生物利用的硫

MSM (甲基磺酰甲烷)是一種天然的硫磺來源,可支持您身體產生某些氨基酸。 這些氨基酸在人體中具有重要的結構和功能,可用於酶、激素、蛋白質和自由基清除劑。 硫還有助於結締組織的形成、硬度和強度。

MSM is an natural source of sulfur that supports your body’s production of certain amino acids. These amino acids are structurally and functionally important in the body and are used in enzymes, hormones, proteins, and free radical scavengers. Sulfur also contributes to the formation, rigidity, strength of connective tissue.


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其他成分 纖維素膠囊
過敏聲明 不含添加牛奶, 雞蛋,花生,堅果,魚,貝類,大豆,小麥或麩質。
建議使用方式 每天服用 1 粒膠囊,可空腹或跟食物一起吃,或按照您的醫生指示服用。



What does MSM stand for?

It stands for Methylsulfonylmethane.

What does MSM do for the body?

MSM appears to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. One of the proposed mechanism for which it exerts its joint supporting effect is through inhibiting cartilage breakdown. Some of its effects is attributable to the sulfur in this molecule.

What is MSM used for?

Apart from joint support, MSM seems to reduce allergy symptoms, improve skin health and enhance the immune system.

How long should I take MSM for?

For joint, it will usually take a couple of months to see significant results and even at that point, it may not work for everyone.



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