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About Us

The First Sports Nutrition Shop In HK

We are the first sports nutrition shop in Hong Kong, starting back in 1985. Our first shop “Weider Boutique” was situated in Peninsula Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui East. In case the name Weider rings any bells, yes it is the Weider as in Joe Weider, the father of modern bodybuilding. We used to be the exclusive distributor of Weider in Hong Kong. That means we’ve seen and experienced things that happened in the sports nutrition world for over thirty years. We’ve seen big brands come and go…like Weider (well not entirely gone yet!), Unipro, Cybergenics, and the much later Met-Rx. Many brands that are popular now such as Optimum Nutrition and Muscletech didn’t exist back then.


What's so special

Facilitating informed decision making

What’s special about us is that we carry both sports supplements (such as protein powder) and health-promoting supplements (such as vitamins and antioxidants) along with some natural/organic products. We are proud to say that we are experts in these areas. While we know that many sports supplement manufacturers themselves do not know enough to manufacture safe products, we try our best to inform our clients what to look out for.

“If you are unsure, ask.”

-The good life team

If you are unsure of a product, you need to ask. We have an obligation to ensure product appropriateness for each and every client of ours. We do not wish for someone to have an adverse outcome. Trust us, it has happened before. Lactose intolerance is a mild but classic example.

Our Goals

Since 1985

“To help live a healthy life.” has always been our huge focus. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t take other areas seriously.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality, reputable brands from all over the world. 

Today, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken up another challenge of procuring products to ensure easy, affordable access to the public. We are proud to say we have since been able to keep up with our range of stock. 

sports nutrition

our ever-improving

professional service

sports nutrition

Health and fitness advice

With our team of experts who live a healthy lifestyle themselves, we can show you how, and where to start your health and fitness journey.

Product Recommendation

Have a chat to one of our staff and we'll recommend a product that suits your needs and avoid those that may cause harm.

Product Counseling

Our team is trained in providing basic product information such as how to use, duration of usage and potential side effects. We'll even pop in a lifestyle recommendation or two.