About Us

We are the first sports nutrition supplement shop/store in Hong Kong, starting this business back in 1985.  Our first shop “Weider Boutique” was situated in Peninsula Centre, Tsimshatui East.  In case the name Weider rings any bells, yes it is the Weider as in Joe Weider, the father of modern bodybuilding. We used to be the exclusive distributor of Weider in Hong Kong. That means we’ve seen and experienced things that happened in the sports nutrition world for over thirty years. We’ve seen big big brands come and go…like Weider (well not entirely gone yet!), Unipro, Twinlab (still here, but used to be big), Cybergenics, and the much later Met-Rx.  Many brands that are popular now such as Optimum Nutrition and Muscletech didn’t exist back then.


Unlike some of our competitors, we carry both sports supplements (such as protein powder) and health-promoting supplements (such as vitamins and medicinal herbs) along with some natural/organic products.   We are proud to say that we are experts in these areas.  We know that many sports supplement manufacturers themselves do not know enough to manufacture safe products.  For example, many supplements contain a lubricant called titanium dioxide, an ingredient banned by many countries because it is so toxic.  It is not that these supplement manufacturers don’t care for your health, they simply do not know that titanium dioxide is bad for peoples’ health!  We, for example, have been telling our customers twenty years ago that aspartame is toxic; now sports supplement manufacturers have finally come to the truth recently to avoid using aspartame!


Nowadays 99% of protein powders are sweetened with sucralose, which its manufacturer claim is completely natural because it’s made from white sugar. An Italian study done in 2015 showed that lab mice fed sucralose developed leukemia! You should also know that US dairy cows are injected with rBGH (used to increase milk production) and rBGH is quite possibly carcinogenic.  We know enough about these health issues to bring in safer products for our customers. With that said, our mission, is to help our customers be strong and fit without sacrificing long-term health.