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ALR Industries HUMAPRO 45servings

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  • Protein for Humans Only!
  • Vegan-Friendly & Gluten-Free
  • The Perfect Amino Acid Ratio for Human Protein Synthesis
  • Dietary Supplement Drink
  • Patent Pending
  • GMP Quality Assured

Clinical Study- Medically Reviewed 

  • 99:1 Positive Nitrogen Utilization to Waste Ratio [NNU-NPU]
  • 501% Greater Lean Mass Gain than Whey Protein
  • Over 300% More Efficient than Fish, Beef or other Meats
  • Positive Nutrient Repartitioning
  • 100% Pre-Digested, No GI Discomfort, No Bloating

HumaPro® is produced in a cGMP certified facility, utilizing USP pharmaceutical grade Ajinomoto® Amino Acids. HumaPro® does not contain any dairy or animal products, sodium, gluten, sugar or preservatives. Ajinimoto® Amino Acids are 100% free of animal products, fillers and absolutely no shortcuts. Ajinimoto’s amino acids have set the industry standard for purity and consistency since 1908. From the origins of HumaPro® through today, ALR uses only these proven ingredients.

Only HumaPro® Provides 99% Utilization for Lean Mass Anabolism. Now Look at the Rest. Are you getting what you pay for?

Protein Source NNU = Lean Mass Anabolism NC= Toxic Catabolic Waste
HumaPro® 99% 1%
Compare this to the Other Protein Sources Below:
Meat, Fish, Poultry 32% 68%
Amino Acid Formulas 18% 82%
Soy Protein 17% 83%
Bovine Whey Protein 16% 84%
Bovine Casein Protein 16% 84%

HumaPro®: Engineered for Human Growth

Source: Human Net Nitrogen Utilization Studies.

Suggested use

Suggested Use When Used To Supplement Protein Intake: Mix one (1) scoop with 8 -10 ounces of cold water, 20 minutes prior to exercise or competition, and immediately after. Drink one to two (1-2) servings three to six (3-6) times daily. For best results always drink one to two (1-2) servings 20 minutes prior to exercise or competition, and immediately after. Athletes may drink up to two (2) servings per use, up to six (6) times daily, at least two (2) hours apart. HumaPro® may be enjoyed with meals to improve nutrient partitioning potential.

1 Scoop HumaPro® = Whole Protein Equivalent of 25g, with only 0.02 calories per serving.

Based on a human ratio essential amino acids requirement.


ALR Industries


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