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Berringa Raw Eucalyptus Organic Honey

An Australian-made, organic honey that is raw and unfiltered. Free of chemicals with no additives such as sugar.


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Berringa Organic Honey – A delicious, raw, and pure Eucalyptus honey that is Certified Organic by the ACO.

From the Berringa Apiarist – “Quite possibly the pinnacle of natural honey Berringa is Certified Organic Raw Honey that has been single filtered and cold extracted to make sure we’ve minimised processing.” Unlike some other honey you can buy, we haven’t added any sugars to change the flavor, or used heat or fructose to stave off crystallization
So you’re getting this special honey very much as nature intended and you can taste the difference”

Available in 500g and 1kg jars. Naturally Gluten-free. Non-GMO honey.

Crystallization may occur which is a completely normal process in high quality honey.


Berringa Honey


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