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Schiek Weight Lifting Belt 2004 Nylon 4.75 inch


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Our Model 2004 Weight Lifting Belt features our 3 patents including a one-way velcro closure, a downward angle to fit the natural shape of your back and a hip and rib contour for added comfort. The 2004 belt is 4.75″ wide in the back and comes with a 2 year warranty. Proudly made in the USA.

XS: 24″-28″

S: 27″-32″

M: 31″-36″

L: 35″-41″

XL: 40″-45″




What does a lifting belt do?

A Lifting Belt provides support for the back during heavy lifting which prevents hyper-extension. It limits movement which prevents bending and twisting while at the same time allows you to be aware of your back and hip.

Should I get a Lifting Belt?

Once you move on to a higher weight you may need to consider getting a Lifting Belt as the risk of having a back injury increases. The time you will need a Lifting Belt depends on the individual. You can even get it when you start your weight lifting journey and we highly recommend that you do.

What type of Lifting Belt should I get?

There are a few different types of belts but generally speaking, the more rigid the belt is, the better the support. That's why leather belts often offer more support than materials such as nylon. However, some may find that leather belts are not as comfortable and if you are not a hardcore lifter in the first place then you probably don't need it.

What exercises should I use a Lifting Belt on?

Any workout that involves putting pressure on your spine. Namely, deadlifts, squats and military press.

What are the precautions of using a Lifting Belt?

Lifters with heart disease and blood pressure problems should be careful when wearing a tight belt for long periods of time as this could increase your blood pressure and ultimately harming your health in the long run. Remember to loosen the belt in between.

What's special about Schiek Power Lifting Belt 2004?

-Patented downward angle fits the natural shape of your back
-Patented hip and rib contour for extra comfort
-Patented one-way Velcro® for an exact fit
-Belts widen in front for extra abdominal support
-Dual closure system with heavy duty stainless steel slide bar buckle
-Two year warranty
-Washable - hand wash only with mild detergent and air dry
-Made with pride in the USA


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