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Versa Gripps Classic Lifting Grip

Versa Gripps Classic is a perfect entry-level grip. Padded for comfort and designed to fit any budget. Made with a durable, textured material. Classic Versa Gripps are proudly made in the USA. A high quality product with proven results.


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Versa Gripps Classic Description

A Grip That Won’t Slip

The palm piece is shorter than the Pro Series and made with a textured, grip-enhancing material and softer feel for additional comfort.

Self-Supporting Grip

The Grip portion is self-supporting and allows the athlete to wrap both Versa Gripps around the bar independently.

Innovative Wrist Support is Built for Comfort and Performance

The innovative, funnel-shaped wrist support promotes healthy circulation and protects hands from calluses

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Versa Gripps


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