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White Knight Anabolic Mass 6 lbs

Anabolic mass is designed to help gain weight healthily, with no artificial sweeteners, GMO or side-effects. Using high quality whey protein isolate, most lactose intolerant individuals can take this product without any problems. 100% vegetarian, all natural and naturally gluten-free.

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White Knight Anabolic Mass is an all natural and high protein muscle gainer. Its protein is 100% derived from whey protein isolate.

Unlike almost all other gainers on the market, Anabolic Mass does not contain ANY artificial sweeteners. No aspartame. No sucralose. Just all natural stevia and thaumatin. We have not only matched but surpassed all our competition on every aspect: safety, taste, mixability, (high) protein content, (low) cholesterol content, (low) sugar level, (low) lactose level, and the inclusion of generous levels of creatine. Anabolic MASS is designed to help you gain lean muscles without any adverse side effects!

Anabolic MASS gainer highlights:

  • 40-42 grams of protein per 100 gram serving size!
  • Protein derived 100% from whey protein isolate – the best protein on earth
  • with virtually no fat and lactose.
  • Sweetened with all natural stevia.
  • Most of the 5 grams of fats come from MCT (a good fat that provides energy and helps burn fat!)
  • No trans fat. (Trans fat causes a host of health problems).
  • Instantized-easy to mix with a spoon!
  • Lactose lower than 1%! (Lactose causes diarrhea and indigestion).
  • No Aspartame, Carrageenan, Canola Oil and Artificial Colors!
  • Provides 2 grams of creatine for your muscles.
  • Incredible taste! Try it for yourself.

MMA and Muay Thai World Super Heavyweight Champion Alain Ngalani is a REAL user of White Knight Anabolic Mass.


White Knight

1 review for White Knight Anabolic Mass 6 lbs

  1. Ian Woo (store manager)

    A very high protein mass gainer utilizing only grass-fed whey protein isolate as the sole source of protein. Virtually lactose free and tastes amazing.

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